Clara van Gool's films are highly visual stories expressed through movement and dance. She works in fiction, documentary, video installation and commercials. Exploring narrative techniques her work also includes successful adaptations of dance performances for the screen.

"To me, the combination of text and movement is the ultimate way to translate the depth of Henry James’ story into a highly visual feature film, intensely intimate, with characters we can relate to. What appeals to me in this story especially is the contrariness of May Bartram and John Marcher. I see them in the first place as two recalcitrant, rebellious heroes. For years they wait together, weighing the value of their secret, strengthening their peculiar intimacy, yet unmoving against the background of a stream of major social and technological developments. But the secret is not only the glue which bonds the two characters, it’s also the friction in their relationship. They make a wrong deal in love and both of them are equally fragile...Above all it is the modernity of the original story that has inspired me and it is still urging me to tell the story now. The main theme in The Beast in the Jungle is this tragedy of missed opportunities, but Henry James’ story continues to intrigue me in the way it moves from psychological to almost supernatural territory. At the same time the warning that comes from it is crystal clear: to be mortal is to live one’s life and to love – that is where meaning lies.”